Black Bone Rosary of the Seven Dolors of the BVM
Black Bone Rosary of the Seven Dolors of the BVM as handcrafted by Francis Koerber. Nickel Silver is used to make the bows, eyelets and medals. This rosary is available for purchase on

This Chaplet consists of seven divisions, in memory of our Lady’s seven sorrows, on which we are to meditate, if we can, saying the Pater noster once and the Ave Maria seven times at each division, then ending with Ave three times in honor of our Lady’s tears.


Act of Contrition

O My LORD, You who alone are most worthy of my love, behold me standing before your Divine Presence utterly overwhelmed by the thought of the many grievous injuries I have done to you. I ask your pardon for them with my whole heart, repenting of them purely for love of You, and at the thought of your great goodness hating and loathing them above every evil of this life. As I would rather have died a thousand times than have offended You, so now I am most firmly resolved to die a thousand deaths rather than offend You again.

My crucified JESUS, I firmly purpose to cleanse my soul as soon as possible by your most Precious Blood in the Sacrament of Penance. And you, most tender Virgin, Mother of mercy and Refuge of sinners, obtain for me by virtue of your bitter pains, the pardon of sin which I desire; while, praying according to the mind of so many holy Pontiffs in order to obtain the Indulgences granted to this your holy Rosary, I hope thereby to obtain remission of all pains due to my sins.


The First Sorrow

The First Sorrow when Mary, Virgin Mother of my GOD, presented JESUS her only Son in the Temple, laid Him in the arms of holy and aged Simeon, and heard his prophetic word, “The sword of grief shall pierce your soul,” foretelling thereby the Passion and Death of her Son JESUS.

Pater Noster (1x) : Ave (7x)


The Second Sorrow

The Second Sorrow when Mary was obliged to fly into Egypt by reason of the persecution of cruel Herod, who impiously sought to slay her well beloved Son.

Pater Noster (1x) : Ave (7x)


The Third Sorrow

The Third Sorrow of the Blessed Virgin was when, after having gone up to Jerusalem at the Paschal Feast with Joseph her spouse and JESUS her beloved Son, she lost Him on the way back to her poor house, and for three days bewailed the loss of
her only Love.

Pater Noster (1x) : Ave (7x)


The Fourth Sorrow

The Fourth Sorrow of the Blessed Virgin was when she met her dear Son JESUS carrying to Mount Calvary on his tender shoulders the heavy Cross whereon He was to be crucified
for our salvation.

Pater Noster (1x) : Ave (7x)


The Fifth Sorrow

The Fifth Sorrow of the Blessed Virgin was when she saw her Son JESUS raised upon the hard tree of the Cross, and blood flowing from every part of his sacred Body, and then beheld Him die after three hours agony.

Pater Noster (1x) : Ave (7x)


The Sixth Sorrow

The Sixth Sorrow of the Blessed Virgin was when she saw the lance pierce the sacred Side of JESUS, her beloved Son, the nails withdrawn, and his holy Body laid in her purest bosom.

Pater Noster (1x) : Ave (7x)


The Seventh Sorrow

The Seventh Sorrow of the Blessed Virgin, Queen and Advocate of us, her servants, miserable sinners, was when she saw the Holy Body of her Son buried in the grave.

Pater Noster (1x) : Ave (7x)


Then say Three Ave’s in veneration of the tears which Mary shed in her sorrows, to obtain thereby true sorrow for sins and the holy Indulgences attached to this pious exercise.

V/. Pray for us, Virgin most sorrowful.

R/. That we may be made worthy of the promises of CHRIST.

Let us pray.

GRANT, we beseech You, O LORD JESUS CHRIST, that the most blessed Virgin Mary, your Mother, may intercede for us before the throne of your mercy, now and at the hour of our death, whose most holy soul was transfixed with the sword of sorrow in the hour of your own Passion. Through You, JESUS CHRIST, SAVIOUR of the world, who lives and reigns with you in the unity of the Holy Spirit, one God, for ever and ever. Amen.

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